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Whether you are a company looking for a fun and creative team-building activity , an individual looking for a collective workshop or private art-coaching sessions to explore your talent, or a parent in search of the perfect creative experience for your child, here is your chance to jazz it up with a swing of art in your life.

Painting Workshops with Delphine Bernard

What is Abstract Art?

A little intro to the workshops in this program broadcasted by the TV Channel OKTO in "Art Bites", and more info below...


A fun and immediately hands-on workshop to discover the endless possibilities of abstract painting and one's own creativity.
A very relaxing and rewarding activity, as one can come up with very beautiful paintings from the first session.
No thinking, no “learning” : experimenting by oneself is the key word, opening oneself first of all to internal feedback.
Enjoying the flow of all participants creativity.

Painting Workshops with Delphine Bernard



Absolutely no previous knowledge/experience of arts or drawing is required.
Children as young as 3 years old can be introduced to abstract painting, while adults get over their fears of being “not good in arts” or not creative enough, and of being judged.
Teenagers find in painting an amazing way to express directly their emotions.
Neither precision nor patience are necessary, so mentally or physically disabled people are also a perfectly suitable audience, as well as older people.

Painting Workshops with Delphine Bernard


Foster your confidence in your own creative abilities, discover your own creative voice!

The techniques developed in the workshop breaks the common pattern of low self-confidence in one's creativity.

Such objections as “I cannot draw”, “I know nothing about art” and I have no inspiration immediately disappear when one begins to experiment with the tools.

Paintings which one does not like can be simply discarded anytime, although one is encouraged to experiment further on the painting until something happens that one finds beautiful.


At the artist's studio and gallery:
The Secret Studio,
Art-Studio and Gallery
25 A Ann Siang Road
069705 Singapore

Or at any venue of your choice for collective workshops

Brushes, foam rollers, palette knives.... and some more surprising tools!
All material is included (paper, paint, protection sheets)
Canvasses included!

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