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Delphine Bernard

An Abstract Expressionist painter in the tradition of Georges Mathieu, Delphine is creating a style of her own, balancing between art and spirituality, between such traditional arts as calligraphy and more explorative techniques like action painting and free expressionism. She exclusively uses painting knives, and usually works in acrylic paint, the brightness and quick-drying quality of which is perfectly suited to her technique.

A shamanistic process

Whether it is peaceful visions or energetic battles that emerge on the canvas, the philosophy is the same. Delphine believes that the artistic power should be channelled back to the body through a shamanistic process; painting for her is a fusion of nature and the artist's most inner self. This belief requires that the artist paint in a trance-like mode, swiftly and without conscious thought. At the beginning, the mind is as blank as the canvas. But, then the hands begin their dance, the heart chooses its colours, the emotions their expression...

Discover Delphine Bernard's two distinctive styles:

Delphine Bernard

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Delphine Bernard

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